Vivianne Geber

Vivianne Geber


Vivianne Geber has worked for almost sixteen years as Legal Advisor for the Brazilian Navy on a number of Congressional bills, also providing information to judges and the Attorney General’s Office. She holds a postgraduate degree in Public Law and has acted as examiner of lawyers who apply to work in the Navy’s legal departments.

All her adult life, she has been a writer of petitions, appeals, and opinions, but recently, in London, where she lived for two years, she has become eager to stop writing for judges and started writing for readers – to touch their souls and transport them to a different world.


Brazilian Navy officer Rodolfo Ruppel has been sent to London on a secret mission. On the surface, this is an opportunity for him and his wife to enjoy a second honeymoon and perhaps revive their lifeless marriage. The mission, it seems, is to recapture stolen information about the Pre-Salt 2025 project, a revolutionary concept developed by the Brazilian navy: a hybrid submarine, half-diesel, half-nuclear, potentially the most powerful weapon in recent years. His instructions are delivered to his cell phone encrypted in a graphical image, the Sunflowers, by Vincent van Gogh.

However, soon, he will face unplanned situations and will have to improvise. Naval engineer Victoria Borges puts his marriage into harsh relief. London leads to a world of espionage which presents him with new challenges in political and strategic military affairs.

Publication/Status: By Record (Brazil) in June 2015.