Thales Guaracy

Thales Guaracy


Thales Guaracy is a leading contemporary Brazilian author, with more than 200.000 copies of his books sold over the years. Born in 1964, in São Paulo, he worked as a journalist in the mainstream media, as for the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo and weekly Veja. He received the great distinction of the Brazilian press, the Esso Award, for his coverage of the first presidential election after 30 years, in 1989. Guaracy wrote a best-seller biography, BRAZILIAN DREAM (O SONHO BRASILEIRO), the life of Adolfo Amaro Rolim, founder of the Brazilian airline TAM.

He is among the country’s best-selling fiction authors as well, with four novels, a volume of novellas, and a book for children. In 2015, Planeta (Brazil) published his historical reportage THE CONQUEST OF BRAZIL (A CONQUISTA DO BRASIL), which has already been reprinted three times in Brazil and was also published in Portugal, by Planeta. Currently, he’s finalizing a sequence of his historical investigation on Brazil colonial times, to be published by Planeta in 2018.


The saga of Anita Garibaldi, the “heroine of two worlds”, is told for the first time in a novel of great literary beauty and realistic colors, bringing back to life one of the most extraordinary women in history. The work shows us just the facts, with no fear of exposing the darkest, most obscure and terrifying moments in an epic and tragic biography. Told from the perspective of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the only person who fully witnessed her life, the story is followed by the reader as the couple fights the Brazilian Imperial troops, retreats to Uruguay, experiences hunger in Montevideo, suffers the death of their youngest child and wins victory against Argentina’s army. The legendary journey with the Republicans in South America granted the couple, even more, fame in Italy, where Anita arrives before her husband, who remained sentenced to death in his native country, then divided and occupied by the Austrian Empire.

At the end of what was meant to be a clandestine journey, Anita is greeted at the Genoa port by a crowd waiting for her arrival. Like Garibaldi, she becomes a symbol of the Risorgimento, the fight for Italy’s freedom and unification. Forced to hide her children from the enemy, Anita makes a dangerous journey through Italy, hidden in a mail truck, to meet Garibaldi in Rome. He and his Red Shirts are fighting for the city under siege by the Austrian and French. Their retreat and the ruthless chase through the country, with Anita six months pregnant and sick, are one of the most beautiful and intense dramas in human history and an incomparable example of a woman sacrificing everything for her love and her dreams. This is a novel of war and love, or perhaps love and war, showing that there is no work of fiction as extraordinary as real life.

Publication/Status: by Record (Brazil) in April 2017. Sold to 4 Estações (Portugal). [224 pages]


Fundamental to comprehend Brazil in its history and in these days, THE CONQUEST OF BRAZIL allies deep knowledge of the theme to a light, free-flowing text, easy to understand, leading the reader to one of the most extraordinary human adventures. From the epic adventure of Portugal through the “Sea of Darkness”, as the Atlantic Ocean was known by the end of the 15th Century, you’ll learn how the violent occupation of what would become the biggest country in Latin America took place in those lands of the New World, hitherto incognitos.

Resorting to the widest range of sources, from classical bibliography to the most recent anthropological discoveries, Thales Guaracy unveils, under the pace of a romance, the dispute amongst Portuguese, Spanish and French men for the primacy of the colonization in Brazil, with the mass extermination of the native population, which amounted to about 1.5 million people by the time the Europeans first arrived in the South American continent. From original documents, big happenings related to the Discovery of Brazil are reviewed, as well as the characters involved.

Among them are João Ramalho, the expatriated who adapted to life among the Indians and founded a dynasty of slave-hunting mestizos; the Jesuits, who put into practice relentless guidelines of the holy war Inquisition against Protestant French men and their cannibal allies; and natives, such as Cunhambebe, the “immortal chief”, leader of the indigenous resistance, who used to ate his enemies claiming to be “a jaguar”.

THE CONQUEST OF BRAZIL shows that the so-called nation of samba, football, and Carnival is in fact made by heirs of an ambitious tradition, whose dreams of expansion mirrored the size of their huge extension of land. And they stamped their trajectory with the sword of bloodthirsty pioneers, the whip of slave traders, and the ambition of nobles who attained wealth outside the boundaries of law and, so to speak, of the civilized world.

Publication/Status: by Planeta (Brazil) in 2015. Sold to Planeta (Portugal).


A sunny day in the park, a young and happy couple that wishes to have a baby, a gypsy who refuses to read the husband’s hand, not saying what she sees, for their dismay. From this disturbing starting point, Life Line reveals the effect of uncertainty on people. What’s better: knowing or not knowing the future? The skeptical, rational and pragmatist man sees his self-assurance ruin until becoming pure paranoia. His wife, who he thinks is fragile, hides a real and secret drama, sexually harassed by the contemporary Dr. Jekyll: the doctor who runs the famous fertility clinic where they are trying to make their dream come true.

Based on real facts, LIFE LINE is a brief, straight and striking story about the misleading and diverting paths for men and women in relationships, marriage, and life. Brutally, it makes us stare the great challenge posed to people: how to be happy, even facing the always imminent possibility of a tragic end?

Publication/Status: On submission.


In 1920’s Brazil, an extraordinary social movement took place, the “Prestes Column” march, led by Luís Carlos Prestes, in which thousands of people, mostly military, traveled 9.000 kilometers in the hinterland, challenging the central government and seeking to raise the country against the status quo. After Prestes, led by fate to the faltering ranks of federal troops, follows the young sergeant Coracy, a character tormented by the circumstances that carry him away from home, where a stepbrother wants not only his inheritance but also Eugenia, the love of his life.

In his epic journey, the sergeant crosses icons of Brazilian history, as Marechal Rondon, explorer and defender of Indians, the bloodthirsty legendary bandit Lampião and Prestes himself, who is arrested by Coracy. As a critic stated, “a romantic stroll through the history of Brazil.”

Publication/Status: by Suma de Letras/Companhia das Letras (Brazil) in 2009. Full English translation.


“Field of Stars goes beyond any self-help literature reductionism to become an emotional story about some of the great existential questions.”
– Ubiratan Brasil, O Estado de São Paulo

A successful Brazilian advertising executive discovers in his routine medical exams a polyp in the bladder that will make him review his life and try to retrieve it, despite not knowing how much time he has left. His fight against cancer and fear of death is intertwined with memories of an intrepid journey he made with his father to Machu Picchu, in Peru, when he was a teenager. The intriguing reappearance of a character from that past becomes the hope of redemption and spiritual peace.

Through the journey of father and son in search of the unknown, Guaracy guides us on a road book where the path to the lost city of Machu Picchu is also a journey through the depths of the heart.

Publication/Status: by Globo (Brazil) in 2007. Full English translation.