Sofia Silva

Sofia Silva


Sofia Silva was born in Porto, Portugal, where she lives. A big reader and great fan of literature, particularly poetry, her favorite author is poet Pablo Neruda. She has always been interested in the way words could express feelings and share this passion with others, in 2009, she became a Literature teacher. She started her career in writing by sharing on Internet reviews on the books she read. Her followers pushed her to write her own books, and the first idea she had, about a Portuguese traumatized soldier who falls in love with a Brazilian woman, came to her through a dream.

In 2014, she published BROKEN HEARTS (CORAÇÕES QUEBRADOS) on Wattpad, reaching 350,000 reads in a short period of time. She got a powerful army of fans, who call themselves United Readers (Leitoras Unidas), composed by more than one thousand young readers, mostly from Brazil, who cause a tremendous buzz around Sofia’s work on social media.


The second title of the Broken series, Broken Smiles is the story of three people deeply traumatized in life: Paola, André, and Sol, the latter’s little daughter. Meeting at a clinic for emotionally handicapped patients, the three characters, who were victims of different kinds of violence that left them with deep scars, start solving their problems through truth and love. But much more than a love story, BROKEN SMILES is about the overcoming of fears and how to build real relationships by accepting one’s own limitations.

Digitally published on Amazon, it went straight to the top of the bestseller list of the electronic bookstore. Based on the large digital readership the Portuguese author has built among Brazilian fans, BROKEN SMILES was Sofia’s first novel coming out in paper and is in the process of becoming huge in Brazil. The success has led to the sale of rights to prestigious Presença, in Portugal.

Publication/Status: by Valentina (Brazil) in August 2017. Sold to Presença (Portugal).


Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but bonded through writing, a Portuguese man and a Brazilian woman find out that there is always hope for life even at it is worst moments, even if it is far from you. Diogo is a soldier and a surfer, who went to Afghanistan in a Portuguese battalion with the UN and there he is shot. He gets lost in his pains, nightmares, and thoughts about friends cruelly lost in the war. Emilia is a young woman, who lost her family in a tragic car crash and could never overcome the trauma. The dark times in which both of them live start to change when their therapists suggest a new treatment that puts them close to one another.

The communication that started as an obligation becomes something bigger, as they find out that conversing can make them feel better. But almost to the end, Emilia holds a secret she is unable to confess. Broken Hearts is the first title of the Broken series, a story for those who loved and were loved, mostly for those who suffered from love. First published on the Wattpad platform, Broken Hearts is the book which got for Sofia a huge fan base in Brazil leading to handsome editorial contracts in both sides of the Atlantic. It will come out in paper in 2018.

Publication/Status: by Valentina (Brazil) and Presença (Portugal) in 2018.