Silvia Boadella

Silvia Boadella


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Born in Switzerland in 1948, Silvia Boadella studied Literature, Psychology, History of Art and Philosophy. She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, with a thesis on Theodor W. Adorno’s philosophy of art. She lectured for four years at Kanazawa’s University, in Japan, as a guest professor. Together with her husband, David Boadella, she has developed the psychotherapy method of Biosynthesis, which is today wide-spread and applied in many countries.

She is currently the director of the International Institute for Biosynthesis in Switzerland and co-editor of the journal Energy & Character. She has published various articles and the book of essays MEMORY AS A CHANGE. THE SKIN OF THE SOUL is her first novel.


What has birth and death in common? In this debut novel, a German original, the author tells how a family deals with extreme experiences. Miriam is called by the hospital to assist her step mother, who is dying. This experience transforms her and at the same time reminds her of the birth of her child.

Is birth a similar process to dying, only in the opposite direction? THE SKIN OF THE SOUL invites the reader on a journey into the depths of our existence in a narrative full of suspense, courage, and hope.

Publication/Status: By Arbor Verlag (Germany) in 2015.