Rudolf Piper

Rudolf Piper


Rudolf Piper is a pioneer in the legendary era of the international nightclubs. He opened his first discotheque in Berlin in 1969 and was later promotional director of mythic Studio 54, in the Golden Age of Disco Music. During the eighties, he owned the New York Disco, where artists such as Madonna, Sade, The Smiths, Boy George, among others, made their debut shows. Also in New York, Rudolf co-designed and directed Palladium, the largest nightclub ever built, and Tunnel, the cradle of the Club Kids movement, which shocked America. In the nineties, Rudolf opened the first super-clubs of the new generation, with branches in New York, Aspen and Beverly Hills.

He moved to Paris in 1994, where he became promotional director of Les Bains Douches and was the author of a quixotic attempt to take control of Le Palace, the mythic Parisian Palais de dance. He conducted several projects in Miami before moving to Brasil in 2004 when he brought Lotus club to São Paulo. He then opened the renowned Buddha Bar inside a luxurious boutique and created the network of discotheques Kiss & Fly, which currently has branches in more than 10 Brazilian cities. He is also responsible for the design of São Paulo’s and Belo Horizonte’s branches of Provocateur, the “club of the moment” in New York.

AFTER HOURS: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE NIGHTCLUB  – New York/Miami/Berlin/Paris/Los Angeles/São Paulo

From this book, the reader will learn all the piquant stories that happened to beautiful and famous people and also to infamous and non-famous ones, in the backstage of the greatest nightclubs in the world. After Hours covers nightlife from its Golden Age through to its current dusk a path that begins at the Studio 54 in New York, the most celebrated nightclub of all times; passes by Disco, also in the Big Apple, which originated the term “discotheque”; goes to Palladium, the largest one ever (with room for 10.000 people!); to Les Bains Douches, in Paris; to wonderful clubs in Berlin, Tokyo, Bangkok, Beverly Hills, Miami and São Paulo.

The narrative is populated by a fabulous fauna of international celebrities, rock bands, underground icons, Hollywood stars, the best DJs and unusual and notorious criminals, besides, of course, the “usual rabble”. After Hours is a trip through the hottest nights in the history of clubbing, bringing to light small and big dramas of a secret and fascinating demi-monde. The reader is immersed in a bizarre and byzantine universe of parties, sex, drugs, luxury, and ostentation, everything true and told with lots of humor.

Publication/Status: On submission.