Regina Drummond

Regina Drummond


Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Regina Drummond has received numerous awards and nominations, including accolades from the Brazilian Foundation for Youth Literature and the prestigious Jabuti Prize for her work as an editor. Her best-selling trilogy Rafa, the Birdie has sold hundreds of thousands of copies since its first publication over 30 years ago. Throughout her writing, translating and storytelling career, she has devoted her time to a variety of projects encouraging young

readers to pursue literature, serving as curator for the Children’s Activity Lounge at the São Paulo Book Fair for nearly a decade. She has also helped develop her work for television and theater. Fluent in German and French as well as Portuguese, she currently resides in Munich with her husband, traveling back and forth to Brazil where she continues to pursue literary endeavors for young readers of all ages.


Sixteen-year-old Viviane Bianco could have been a happy young woman, if it weren’t for the death of her parents in a car crash on a trip from São Paulo to a beach in Southern Brazil, three years before the beginning of the story. The consequences of the accident were even more tragic because of Veridiana, her 10-year-old sister, became paraplegic. As minors, the girls got Graziela, their mother’s evil cousin, as a tutor, whose only son, Lucas, lived in Paris. One day, after a long absence, the young man shows up in São Paulo to visit his mom.

At 20, handsome and very kind, he demonstrates affection and concern for Viviane, who is impressed by him but sees herself split between a new love and her lifetime friend, Thales. Vivi does not know that Lucas is manipulated by his mother, who has an eye in the fortune inherited by the two sisters. In great part, the setting of the novel is São Paulo cosplay environment, where Vivi’s friends hang out and which is vividly described in curious and delicate detail.

Publication/Status: by SESI-Senai (Brazil) in August, 2017.


DEATH IN THE SNOW is the first book in a series on inspector’s Aline. She is an intelligent and brave French Police inspector who travels to different and far away countries in order to solve strange crimes. In each case, she always counts on the help of girls and boys from the region where she is on duty. In this book, Aline goes to Schliersee, Germany, where she has to discover why some people are freezing to death under the snow.

They should know what to do and take when going outside during winter times, and there is no reason for their death. Because she is a young and nice woman, Aline has also to face the resistance of the local Police, which does not trust her competence. Plenty of amusing puns with German names (the author has lived in Germany for many a decade) make a lovely mystery narrative for children 11 years old+.

Publication/Status: by Duna Dueto (Brazil) in November, 2017.


This award-winning trilogy has been on catalog and consistently selling for over 30 years, already securing its spot as a contemporary classic in children’s literature. It tells the journey of the joyful Rafa, a charming bird who breaks free from his golden cage and learns about the true value of freedom while flying high above the sky in the first volume Rafa, the birdie. On the second volume, A NEW LIFE FOR RAFA (UMA NOVA VIDA PARA O PASSARINHO RAFA, he begins to yearn for a better understanding of the world around him, questioning why humans insist on devastating Earth’s natural resources and harming the environment.

In the third installment, A TRAVEL COMPANION FOR RAFA (UMA COMPANHEIRA DE VIAGEM PARA O PASSARINHO RAFA), he meets the beautiful hummingbird Bia, who happily joins him in this quest to preserve our endangered planet in this endearing story of love and friendship.

Publication/Status: First published in 1983. Relaunched by Melhoramentos (Brazil) in 1992 and 1993. [around 20 pages each]


Young Simone isn’t flat because she is fat – she would be annoying either way! The problem is that she refuses to accept her shortcomings and ends up eating away her frustration to compensate for her lack of true friends and grit towards her own goals and an incredibly low self-esteem. Through a metaphoric kaleidoscope including every imaginable color, the five senses (and also the sixth) and the natural elements (including the fifth), Regina Drummond tells the poetic story of how this tormented girl learned how to overcome her insecurities and feel comfortable in her own skin.

Publication/Status: by Cortez Editora in 2005. [32 pages]


Who is to say witches were old fashioned? This one has her own blog filled with famous quotes serving as an inspiration to each post about the stories of her misadventures through the centuries. Every era requires a different disguise to blend in, and none was harsher than 18th century Paris, during which she lost the only great love of her life: her beloved cat, Subtraction.

Three hundred years later, an encounter with the elegant feline Tomás is bound to reignite that passionate spark and perhaps invite that long forgotten happiness back into her life.

Publication/Status: by Giz Editorial in 2013. [218 pages]