Marisa Ferrari

Marisa Ferrari


Marisa Ferrari was born in 1957, in Rio de Janeiro. Having a college degree in Journalism and a Post-Graduate degree in Ancient Philosophy, she has written all her life: poems, plays, and screenplays which have been composed and put away, except for the musical A CHARMLESS PRINCE,

staged with great success in Rio de Janeiro in 1996.It was not until now, at a mature age, that Marisa has taken her first determined steps into the literary scene, presenting the readers her first two novels. At present, Marisa works also as a journalist.


Naples, 18th century, the heart of Commedia dell’Arte – the set where takes place the story of twins Giordano and Giuseppe, identical in appearance, diametrically opposed in their souls. Giordano is the strong hero, il Capitano della Guardia del Re (the Head of the King’s bodyguards), and Giuseppe, the knight of verses, an itinerant actor who travels with his troupe performing at squares and castles. Whereas tough Giordano, in spite of being critical of the government, believes that protecting the king and the city is his mission, dreamer Giuseppe has a sole quest: to write a play with speeches, an innovation in those days of ad-libbed presentations (the cannovacio), the main characteristic of the Commedia dell’Arte. They live in a sort of gentlemen’s agreement that protects each one’s space until a woman, Luigia di Medinacelli, awakens their love for her and brings their peace to an end.

Realizing that Luigia loves them both, the brothers insist on her choosing one of them. It could be an ordinary story about twins, almost cliché, were it not for this very choice that is the key of the drama and the root of the narrative. This is a tale about the masks that hide our lack of a face; a story about the beauty there is in people’s contradictions and also an homage to the magic of the theater.

Publication/Status: By Novo Conceito (Brazil) in 2014. Film and TV rights sold to TV Globo, the major Brazilian network. [368 pages]

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An intellectual prince. He does not look athletic. He neither sings nor dances. He prefers diplomatic agreements rather than wars and, on top of it, he sneezes. This is Armand de Lorain, the prince of The Side Kingdom, who decides to court Madeleine, a spoiled and dreamy princess, who rejects all her wooers because she waits for the perfect man that lives in the fairy tales she loves to read. To conquer her love, Armand is willing to face the dangers of the Wood of the Shadows of the Self, where he needs to fight Sloth, Bad Temper, Jealousy and the most terrible danger, the Fear to Declare Love. Armand only counts on Tutuia, a flirty and wacky fairy; a reluctant Conscience; and a bumbling Jester.

Madeleine will also learn her lesson: she will face her Pride and understand she will need to beat it if she really wants to be happy. Born as a musical for the theater, the story of The Charmless Prince is reborn in literature in a sweet and humorous narrative, to the delight of young audiences at all ages.

Publication/Status: On submission.

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