Luís Dill

Luís Dill


Luís Dill was born in Porto Alegre in April 1965 and is a writer and journalist – in this order. He has a degree in Journalism from the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and has worked in publicity, newspaper, radio, and television. He is currently an Executive Producer at Cultura FM Radio Station in Porto Alegre, where he lives. His literary debut was in 1990 and since then he has published 48 books as well as contributed to several collections of short stories, also writing for newspapers and magazines. He received some important literary awards such as the Açorianos for his short stories TOCCATA AND FUGUE (TOCADA E FUGA), published by Bertrand Brasil, and also for HITCHHIKING WITH NITRO (DE CARONA, COM NITRO) and DECIPHERIN ANGELO (DECIFRANDO ÂNGELO), both juvenile titles.

In addition, he received the Book of the Year Award from the Gaucho Association of Writers in the poetry category with the book POETRY SEASONS (ESTAÇÕES DA POESIA) and was also awarded the third prize from the National Library, youth category, with the book THE CRACK (O ESTALO). GLOOMY DESTINATION (DESTINO SOMBRIO), published by Companhia das Letras, received the highly recommended seal by the Brazilian National Children’s Book Foundation. Several of his titles were acquired by the federal, state, and city governments for public and school libraries.


“A novel that surprises for its form and its theme: the reader of Brazilian contemporary literature will rarely find characters such as the ones of this book – so far from our horizons and so frighteningly close to our day to day life.”
– Luiz Rufatto, writer

A handyman decides to win back his girlfriend. A mixture of diary and documentary, or false diary and fake documentary, the novel follows the main character’s life throughout the year of 1997, from the first day to the last. Attentive to the news published in newspapers, radio, and TV, the character connects his life to the daily events happening around the world, in his country, and in his city, Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, where he lives in a guest house. Through his daily readings, his morbid interest in police news and in their ideas, sometimes monstrous, becomes clear. Through the development of the narrative, the reader will realize how, every day, he gets closer to practicing violent acts.

Every day he perceives life in society in a less clear way. Every day, it is more difficult to identify his fellow men as human beings. He sees them as obstacles that must be overcome in one way or another. By hook or by crook. Along with his journey, he seeks to resume the relationship with his former girlfriend, always about to cross the borderline to marginality and psychopathy.

Publication/Status: On submission.


Whenever the young and successful lawyer Murilo Marques decides to practice his favorite sport, someone inevitably dies. For him, the true extreme sport should offer real risks. From the top of the building where his comfortable office is located, Murilo observes the world below him using the telescopic lens of a long-range rifle. The trigger finger is a judge, a jury, and an executioner. Engaged to Francisca Sándor, daughter of the senior partner of the law firm in which he works, Murilo doesn’t fear anything; the firm is known by absolving criminals apparently with no chance of freedom.

After a few well-aimed shots, his leisure activity draws the attention of the police, forced to give an answer to society. That’s when police officer Ronaldo Querubim appears, and together with the sensual Hortênsia Lenzi, a colleague at the firm, threats the young lawyer’s sport and life style.

Publication/Status: Published by Rocco (Brazil) in 2014.


Dante is new at school. He comes from a very poor neighborhood and enjoys reading, especially the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. His mother’s intention when enrolling him in a school known for its excellence is to expand his educational horizons. But she soon realizes the terrible mistake she has made. As soon as the school year starts, Dante calls the attention of his classmates. His appearance and his social class become a target for mockery. The persecution gets more intense and systematic, gaining strength on the internet, where the young man is teased and harassed incessantly.

Even a social media group called “I Bully Dante” is created. Unsure of how to deal with the bullying, Dante starts his own blog, which becomes a kind of diary as well as a way to get off his chest. However, the situation gets bigger in the virtual world leading to a tragedy in real life. Inspired by true events, the book makes a careful reflection on our society with agile language and innovative fictional architecture. The book has sold over 200.000 copies.

Publication/Status: Published by Companhia das Letras (Brazil) in 2008.