Jorge Reis-Sá

Jorge Reis-Sá


Jorge Reis-Sá was born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, a small city in the north of Portugal, in 1977. He attended courses in Astronomy and Biology and is an editorial consultant after being the founder and editor of Quasi Edições (1999- 2009) and editorial director of Babel (2010-2013). He has produced several anthologies, being POEMAS PORTUGUESES (PORTUGUESE POEMS), the most important one, the largest anthology of Portuguese poetry ever.

His poetry is collected in the book INSTITUTO DE ANTROPOLOGIA (ANTHROPOLOGY INSTITUTE). Besides the novels TODOS OS DIAS (EVERY DAY) and O DOM (THE GIFT), he published the volumes of short stories TERRA (CLAY) and POR SER PRECISO (BECAUSE IT IS NEEDED) and several chronicle books, as he often collaborates with newspapers and magazines like LER, Público, and Sábado.


The fact that Pope Francis has chosen the Holy Land for his first pastoral visit is a clear sign towards interreligious dialogue, ecumenism and, more importantly for being the sum of it all, peace. Henrique Cymerman, the journalist who Francis himself dubbed “the angel of peace” due to his efforts to make the visit possible, and Jorge Reis-Sá, an award-winning Portuguese writer, joined him during his three days of pilgrimage and based themselves on that journey to write a book that offers much more than a mere account of that trip – rather, a report on the Pope’s heart.

With the blessing of Francis himself, the book follows his steps across the Holy Land, replicating his speeches and homilies, as well as the steps of others who accompanied him. The words of Abraham Skorka and Alicia Barrios, great friends of his, and of the patriarch of Constantinople himself, are reproduced for the first time, providing background information on the journey and adding much of what took place.

Featuring superb pictures, with a reproduction of unpublished exclusive documents and the complete interview given to Cymerman on the day that followed the “Invocation for Peace”, “Francis – from Rome to Jerusalem” is the most important document on the search for peace by the one who best embodies the words of Saint Catherine of Siena: “the sweet Christ on Earth”.

Publication/Status: Published by Terra & Paz in October 2014.

 About Henrique Cymerman

Certified in Political Science and Sociology by the Tel Aviv University, where he mastered in Social Sciences, Henrique Cymerman, born in Porto in 1959, is a journalist and co-author of Francisco; TV Correspondent to the Middle East of SIC Portugal; GloboNews Brazil; Univision USA; Telecinco Spain; and Channel 2 Israel, as well as La Vanguardia and Expresso newspapers. Professor at the Israeli Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzlia, he wrote Voices from the Center of the World, published in Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

Amongst his numerous awards are the distinctions of the Order of Infante D. Henrique and the Order of Merit of the King of Spain, the Daniel Pearl Award, and the Human Rights Award in Spain for his work for peace during and following Pope Francis’ recent visit to the Middle East, who dubbed him in an interview appearing in this book – “Angel of Peace”.


“Today I grew so old.” In a small Portuguese town, Francisco begins his notes with a sentence that describes a most dramatic event that happened in his life: his wife Susana, mother of his baby and love of his life, is laying in the hospital after a stroke. And this way will be for months to come between May and October because the doctors decided to not interrupt the pregnancy. Francisco will tell us what is to live the announced grief, all the things that happened until that day and all the things that happen every day.

Between each month, an even announces itself. Each one is a letter, thrown away in the bottom of a sock drawer years after being written. Thirty years, 30 years that will explain much of what is happening today to Susana and Francisco. And, that said, that will define love.

Publication/Status: by Guerra & Paz (Portugal) in April, 2015. By Alaúde/Tordesilhas (Brazil) in June, 2016.


Every Day is a book about loss. The loss of a member of a family, but also of the novelistic fabric itself, leaving the reader bound up in the book through the language in which it is written. Four characters; a polyphonic novel in which we are presented with a day in the life of a family.

And in this day every day emerges intact and full of memories.

Publication/Status: by Dom Quixote (Portugal) in 2006; by Record (Brazil) in 2007.


A social mirror. Full of action, through the eyes of twenty characters, The Gift brings us the resolution of an extremely improbable circumstance: everybody turns into marbles except for the hundred and fifty people who happened to be shut in a shopping center. If they go out of the mall, it will happen to them too. Only one person – the Man with the Gift – can communicate with the outside, coming and going from the mall and bringing with him hope or misfortune.

What will happen? Who is the Man with the Gift?

Publication/Status: by Editorial Magnólia (Portugal) in 2007; by Record (Brazil) in 2009.