Elysanna Louzada

Elysanna Louzada


Entertainment and education are the two pillars of Elysanna Louzada’s literary career. From the state of Espírito Santo, on the Brazilian coast, the Young-Adult novelist has been twice on Veja magazine top-10-list of best e-books. A LOVE LESSON (UMA LIÇÃO DE AMOR) and THE HEIRS TO THE THRONE (OS HERDEIROS DO TRONO), which are romance and fantasy, respectively, got her there. Elysanna Louzada was an Elementary and High School English and Literature teacher for ten years before deciding to pursue a career in writing, in 2011.

She then published A LOVE LESSON, I AM THE ROOSTER (EU SOU O GALO), and the HEIRS TO THE THRONE trilogy: THE HEIRS TO THE THRONE, CIRCLE OF FIRE, and HEARTS AT WAR. Elysanna contributed with a short story to the anthology GREAT BIBLE STORIES (AS GRANDES HISTÓRIAS DA BÍBLIA) along with renowned Brazilian writers. She also wrote seven books for the series BIBLE STORIES FOR KIDS (HISTÓRIAS DA BÍBLIA PARA CRIANÇAS), published by Reader’s Digest Brazil. In July 2014, Elysanna Louzada was honored with the Rubem Braga Award from the State Assembly of Espírito Santo.


Seventeen-year-old teenager Branca has a disturbed relationship with her mother. Emotionally unstable, the young woman ends up involved in a scandal at school. In an attempt to reduce tensions, Amanda, her mom, drops Branca off to spend some time with her grandfather on a farm, in Santa Catarina. Alone, Branca needs to handle her panic attacks—aftereffect of the trauma—and her enormous difficulty to trust people. After being hit over by Rafael while trying to run away from her grandfather’s home, she begins to make major changes in her life. Away from her old habits and activities to a broken foot, Branca begins to adjust to country life, producing artisan mountain cheese.

Gradually, she gradually figures out: Branca and Rafael have more in common than they could have imagined. JUST KEEP SILENT is a story of new beginnings: for a girl who was assaulted in the locker-room, for a disturbed boy incapable of being in a healthy relationship, for a man who once considered the idea of her daughter-in-law having an abortion, and for a granddaughter and a grandfather who have long been separated. This is a story that will echo in the hearts of thousands of young people, with the topics of rape and cyber violence against young boys and girls.

Publication/Status: On submission.