Cristovam Buarque

Cristovam Buarque


A mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in Economics from Sorbonne University, in Paris, Cristovam Buarque participated in a number of social movements, was dean at the University of Brasilia, Minister of Education and governor of the Brazilian federal capital. Born in 1944, author of over 30 books already

published, not to mention those manuscripts still kept in his “drawer”, Cristovam is now a member of the Brazilian Senate. Known among his voters as “the Education Senator”, he has written on philosophy, politics, economics, novels, short-stories and children’s and YA narratives.


A mix of reportage and essay, this book reflects upon a trip the author made to the frontier between Turkey and Syria, where he talked to refugees and developed an analysis on a sea that globally separates the rich from the poor nowadays. From the image of the Syrian boy Aylan, delivered dead by the Mediterranean waves to the Greek coast, to the miserable

children in Northeastern Brazil, Cristovam Buarque uses strong metaphors and creates new concepts to portray the helpless boys and girls that cannot afford to go to school every day all over the world.

Publication/Status: by Paz & Terra (Record Group), in October 2016.