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Chris Melo was born in São Paulo and is a Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese and English Language Teaching. In early 2012, she published UNDER THE LIGHT OF YOUR EYES, her first novel, by a small publishing house.

Her thoughtful and intimate style has drawn the attention of both public and critics, who now consider the writer an important voice of the young Brazilian literature.


After the end of a painful, distressing and humiliating relationship, Cadu accepts the first available job and flees to the countryside of São Paulo, trying to forget Elisa and everything he dreamt to live by her side. A few months later, he is in the small city of Santa Cecília, engrossed with his chores as a Literature teacher and in the bar, he bought on an impulse.

Alma can’t picture herself living in a tiny town with colorful houses, stone streets, and helpful neighbors. She enjoys the noise of the city, loves her endless and lonely rounds in the emergency room of a well-known hospital and likes to imagine how life will be like when she finishes her specialization in General Surgery.

However, when a tragedy crosses her way, Alma shelters herself in the house she’s just inherited from her grandmother.

In a countryside atmosphere, filled with friendship, some letters and a lot of emotion, Alma and Cadu will make a journey of personal and familiar reconciliation and, above all, a journey of hope. Together, they will need to ignore their old dreams, walk through unexpected paths and make room in their heart for new feelings, new people, and for each other.

Publication/Status: by Rocco (Brazil) in January 2017. [319 pages]


This is our life, the part that is worth to be told. All the transformation a human being has gone through just because s/he said yes; all the magic that only existed because, on an ordinary day, our eyes met.

Elisa boards to England decided to start her story in adult life. In luggage, she carries all of her plans for the future, her thirst for knowledge and a desire to start taking the first steps into her aspiring career as an editor. Paul lives intensely every hour of his life. He likes to hit the road, meet new people and is struggling to prove his value as an actor. His friends are his only company not to give up his career and future.

It might have been only a casual encounter between two youngsters trying to find their place in the world, but Paul and Elisa embark on a profound journey into the unknown. They discover themselves in a sublime encounter of two souls. They go a long way of self-knowledge, overcoming, grief, forgiveness, and resumption. This is a story for strong hearts, and for those who surely believe in the power of love.

Publication/Status: by Rocco (Brazil) in February 2016. Originally published by Editora Underworld (Brazil) in 2012. [320 pages]


Erik no longer looks for the girl of his dreams. He lives in search of adrenaline and a reason to continue accomplishing his obscure tasks. He knows he’s quite good at what he does and nothing can give him more pleasure than seeing his days full of danger. Something Erik doesn’t expect is that his passion for being at risk will be his failure. Threatened, he needs to flee abroad and live undercover as an ordinary citizen, working as a lawyer for a huge company.

Marina rules her family’s empire after her father discovers he’s got Alzheimer’s. She needs to deal with her parents fading away to the implacable action of time, while still carries the wounds caused by her husband’s early death.

With her family’s companies in her hands, she realizes that not all of the corporation actions follow the good manners manual. When Marina and Erik meet, present and the past get closer, starting a new and uncontrolled passion. But their secrets, sooner or later, will come up, and they will see each other on opposite sides of the same interests.

Publication/Status: By Editora Novas Páginas (Brazil) in 2014. [288 pages]