César Souza

César Souza


César Souza is founder and CEO of Empreenda Consulting Group. He works as a management consultant and has several clients among the 100 Largest Companies in Brazil, after his solid experience as a line executive in successful Brazilian multinational corporations. A most knowledgeable expert in Business Strategy, Development of Corporate Leadership and Implementation of the Culture of “Clientividade”– a concept he coined to propose a new way of thinking about the relationship of a Corporation with its Clients –,

he was based in Washington D.C. for eleven years, developing strategies for a leading corporation to penetrate new markets in Latin America, Portugal, and Angola. He has authored several business books, which have sold over 500.000 copies in total. YOU ARE AS GREAT AS YOUR DREAMS is his biggest hit and a reference in Brazil. Best Business/ Record bought five of his backlist titles together with three new books to be written. CLIENTIVIDADE will be his next new book.


This book intends to help the reader to recover the ability to dream with wide open eyes. By proposing a practical methodology of well-planned actions, it helps people transform their dreams into reality and shows how dreams can be the first step to developing successful strategies notwithstanding the realm they belong to: personal, professional, family, business or community. With the conviction that dreams can come true if they are well dreamt, the author encourages the reader to believe in his or her own relevant desires and to “invent the future” by writing his or her personal story in a chapter with blank pages at the end. More than an interactive piece, YOU ARE AS GREAT AS YOUR DREAMS is a pioneering book enriched by several real life examples, including some of the author himself, and over 50 success stories from a wide spectrum of players: leading businessmen, liberal professionals, leaders in the third sector, celebrities and ordinary people.

It has sold more than 300 thousand copies.

Publication/Status: First published in 2003 in Brazil by Editora Gente, five years later it got a very successful edition from Ediouro. Republished by Best Business (Record Group) in 2016, together with four other backlist titles by the author and three new books. [208 pages]

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One of the greatest challenges of the business world, regardless the size or nature of a company, continues to be the growing gap between the intangible expectations of clients and the way firms relate to them. The lack of an accurate understanding of a client needs and aspirations is the Achilles’ heel in the hard mission to conquer and cultivate long term and mutually beneficial relationships with clients all over the world. In this original and accessible book, Brazilian author César Souza presents the essence of the complex variables that make a whole difference in the management of a client experience. He proposes unique approaches and solutions that go well beyond the traditional management of the relationship with clients –

basically a change in attitudes and in mental models at all levels in the entire company, “from the CEO to the porter”. César states that client management is so important that it cannot be a mission restrained to the old fashioned sales and marketing departments. Based on interesting descriptions of daily life situations, the author proposes that more than old rules of a good relationship with clients, companies need to practice what he calls a “solutionizing” – a key aspect of the “clientiveness” mindset.

Publication/Status: By Best Business (Record Group) in 2016.

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