Carlos Eduardo Novaes

Carlos Eduardo Novaes


Carlos Eduardo Novaes was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in Law in Salvador, where he lived for ten years before going back to his native city to work as a journalist, writer, and playwright.

For 15 years he shared a column with José Carlos Oliveira and Carlos Drummond de Andrade on Jornal do Brasil’s cultural supplement. He has published 44 books and has chronicled in several foreign anthologies of Brazilian literature published in France, Germany, Italy, and USA.


The unthinkable happens in a rainy dawn in Rio de Janeiro: Christ, the Redeemer, disappears from the top of Corcovado Mountain. The mayor of the city, woken up in the middle of the night, does not know what to think. Was it an accident? A natural disaster? Terrorism? Divine punishment? The mayor’s major opponent in the government elections gets thrilled, convinced that Christ’s disappearance is a sign of God’s approval to his candidacy. Among the chaos in the city, private detective Jaime Trent, who is facing a crisis in his marriage, is cast to investigate the case and falls in love with a French TV journalist who is covering the disappearance of the statue.

Redemptori’s narrative begins in Rio and goes to Angra, Paris, New York, and New Mexico before returning to Rio for an amazing end. It’s full of humor and involves three interlaced stories: Christ’s disappearance; the mayor’s election and the love story between the detective and the journalist.

Publication/Status: by Record (Brazil), in 2011. [352 pages]