Andrea Nunes

Andrea Nunes


Andrea Nunes is a law prosecutor in Recife and a postgraduate in Government Management. Her debut novel, NUMERATI CODE (O CÓDIGO NUMERATI), reached first place on the best-sellers list of action and adventure titles on the digital platform, in 2013. It is still among the best-sellers in the segment of espionage and intrigue. After the release of her second book, THE CREEP COURT (A CORTE INFILTRADA), the author has been invited to give lectures on writing and procedural investigations at several literary fairs in Brazil and abroad.

Andrea won Honorable Mention from Pernambuco Academy of Letters as the best Northeastern Brazilian writer in 2014 (Dulce Chacon Prize). She has been invited by the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, to participate in the Brazilian Literary Spring program as a representative author from the new Brazilian mystery literature (“polar brésilien”), in 2015, 2016 and 2017. THE CREEP COURT came out again from Buzz publishing house in 2017.


What would you do if you discovered that you no longer own your thoughts? 

While the Federal Supreme Court negotiates a millionaire contract to install a modern telecommunication system that facilitates secure dialogue between the judges and news broadcasting to the general audience, a neuroscience research laboratory is developing a scientific experiment with the potential to destroy the last barrier of our individuality: the human mind. Buddhist Master Nobu Kentaro knows that, if in the wrong hands, this invention might have unpredictable consequences. When he is about to warn against the device and prevent it from being used to implode the Brazilian judicial system, he is assassinated. The only clue he left is a mysterious gesture made at the moment of his death.

To unveil what lies behind this murder, investigative journalist Edgar Trigueiro and Taís, a novice living in a Zen Buddhist monastery, must join their knowledge of the millennial secrets of the East and the corrupt power structures in Brasilia. They will have to overcome great danger and find answers to puzzles where they least expect them: within their own minds. Using sci-fi elements based on recent scientific discoveries in the field of neurology, Andrea Nunes’ new novel mixes a breathtaking thriller with real facts behind the scenes of the Brazilian judicial system and reveals a bewildering promiscuity between Organized Crime and Power.

Publication/Status: by Buzz (Brazil) in April, 2017. [222 pages]