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Luciana Villas-Boas and Raymond Moss created VB&M in 2012 with a group of twelve brave author-clients, friends since Editora Record, where she was publisher for 17 years. Currently, VB&M has 50 individual clients in Brazil, Portugal and France, represents 22 international Publishing Houses and Literary Agencies into the Brazilian market and has partnered with 11 co-agents for English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Israeli, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Nordic languages.

Among the major markets, only in Germany we act with no co-agents. From her experience as a Publisher, Luciana brought the taste for dialogue with her authors about their projects, trimming and sharpening book proposals and consulting on a variety of publishing, cinema and theatrical possibilities in Brazil and abroad. We also advise on our authors literary careers aiming to consolidate their names and to widen the visibility of their books and reception by the readers.

We have offices in Rio de Janeiro, Atlanta and New York.


Av. Delfim Moreira 1.222 / 102
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil


3630 Peachtree Road, Suite 1025
Atlanta, Georgia


30 Wall Street, 8th Floor
New York, New York


Get to know about us:

Luciana Villas-Boas and Raymond Moss

Partners / Founders

After 17 years as publisher at Grupo Editorial Record in Rio de Janeiro, having negotiated over 1,500 contracts during this period, Luciana concluded that she could work much more effectively on behalf of her authors and books as a literary agent.

Raymond Moss has been an international corporate and intellectual property lawyer for nearly 30 years and has negotiated agreements on behalf of authors, entrepreneurs and a variety of publishing groups. He is also the founding partner of Moss & Gilmore LLP, a corporate law firm with offices in Atlanta and New York.

Anna Luiza Cardoso


Anna Luiza Cardoso studied Journalism and Law before graduating in Literature from Catholic University-Rio. She joined VB&M as an intern in 2012, was immediately grabbed by the business and is currently a Junior Partner at the agency. A lover of books, languages and trips, she believes that to be an agent is the job that fits her best. Anna runs VB&M Rio de Janeiro office.

Lara Berruezo


Lara Berruezo is finishing her major in Book Publishing from UFRJ and always knew she would work with books. After an internship at Reader’s Digest-Brazil, she came to VB&M in February, 2016. Within a couple of months, she had already learned a lot, but Lara still looks forward to knowing much more about the challenging book business.

Nelson Villas-Boas

Blogger and Security Manager

Nelson Villas-Boas was born in New York, but started his career with books in Rio. He was on the cover of Editora Best Seller’s edition of Alexandra Horowitz’ Inside the Dog, but his rise came only at VB&M. He contributes to the agency blog and is responsible for security operations.


Villas-Boas & Moss represents fiction and non-fiction authors to Brazilian publishers, the international book market and to Film/TV/Theater adaptation.

Publishers and Agencies

We also represent catalogs of international publishers and agencies into Brazil.


As literary agents, our primary goal is to maximize the value of books and the literary professions in the dynamic and ever-changing Brazilian market.


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